What is the Arcona project about?

Arcona is the global augmented reality ecosystem where thousands of developers and 3D artists, businessmen and enthusiasts of this breakthrough technology will communicate, interact and work together. The system is based on its own unique technological platform, which automatically generates a layer of augmented reality everywhere across the globe.

This layer called the Digital Land is intended for simultaneously functioning huge number of AR projects of all kinds – related to gaming, historical reconstructions, educational projects and tourist attractions. The format of an extremely large-scale ecosystem will make the AR technology popular, mass and public.

What is the Arcona Marketplace?

The Arcona Marketplace is own trading platform, where the participants of the ecosystem can sell and buy digital and intellectual assets.

Click the menu item “Digital Land” and choose the most appropriate land plot for your project positioning. It can be bought or rented from another owner. Top areas will be sold at the online auctions, we will announce them in advance.

The content menu item is intended for choosing from a range of ready-to-use models or placing an order for the interactive content creation. Your order will be seen by registered in the system 3D artists and developers, also they can offer some ready content to buy.

In the ecosystem development section, the platform itself will offer jobs for developers, artists and testers, whose work will be paid from development funds or rewarded with tokens.

The following services will be available on the marketplace:

  • purchase and sale of arcona tokens at the average exchange rate;
  • providing licenses for Dev kit for SOFTWARE developers and 3d artists;
  • rent of additional server capacities;
  • platform consulting on technical and legal issues
  • ordering additional advertising, PR and marketing services within the system.

In addition, the marketplace will operate internal social network Arcona and will be held all competitions and promotions, as well as announce loyalty programs for token holders.

All purchases and orders you pay with arcona tokens, automatically “signing” smart contract.

What Is the Arcona Digital Land?

It is a global augmented reality layer automatically generated by our platform all across the globe. In fact, it is a virtual mold of the planet’s surface, each meter of which is perfectly tied to a specific location in the physical world. It is a plot fully prepared for interactive content remote placement. That is how, being in new York, you can easily get a parcel of land in the Central square of Mexico city and run an interactive show there, literally from the comfort of your home.

The entire Digital Land layer is divided into separate sections – hexagonal plots of 100 square meters. The coordinates of each plot are designated and set in a decentralized database of the Arcona and listed in the smart contract.

How to buy a plot of the Digital Land?

Land plots are on sale on the Arcona Marketplace, they should be paid with system tokens.

There are system auctions regularly held. To take part in them you got to register on the website. The registration form is in the upper left corner: enter your valid e-mail – that’s where we will be contacting you for further steps. Come up with a password, it must meet the basic security rules.

Registered user can enter the auction, putting bids for desired lot. For this you will need to click the menu item “Auctions” on the main page. Here you will find all the information about what land is currently for sale, what is the starting price to enter the auction, what the leading rate is and the time left before the auction is over. The winner is the one whose bet is the highest.

Where to buy arcona tokens?

Arcona tokens can be purchased on exchange platform IDEX and some others. Current information about the purchase conditions can be found on stropnice and on our Telegram channel tg://resolve?domain=arcona_digital_land

How long does each auction last?

Auctions can last from 1 to 14 days depending on the characteristics of the Digital Land plot on sale. Exact information about land definite plot auction terms and conditions can be found on the item’s page.

How long does the winner have to pay for the lot in case he/she won an auction?

During the day after the end of bidding. If the buyer doesn’t transfer the necessary amount of tokens, the lot will be re-offered for sale.

How will I know that I have won the auction and become the land owner?

This information will be specified in the smart-contract and can be seen on the page. In addition to that, the Digital Land owners will be given an e-certificate (and also you will find your name for “owner” in the land plot properties). Visually, it will look like this: the user’s data (a wallet number and a nickname) will be published in the Digital Land plot description.

How can I know land auctions schedule?

The information about new digitized land plots and planned auctions will be published on the website.

How many land plots will be sold and in which cities?

At the moment, more than 35 thousand plots in the 10 largest cities of the world are ready for sale: Tokyo, Barcelona, New York, Beijing, St. Petersburg, London, Mexico-city, Istanbul, Paris and Rome. By 2020, the AR layer was covered the territory of more than 40 000 km2 in various locations all across the world.

On what basis the Digital Land plots have been chosen for sale?

The Arcona research department pointed out a number of factors that are important both from a technical point of view and for users. First of all, all the lots are located in the Central areas with good traffic, popular among tourists and citizens, near the famous monuments, museums or on the sites where the significant city events take place. On the other hand, these are places with a “convenient” landscape for stable allocation of descriptors, on the basis of which interactive content will be tied.

Will all Arcona’s Digital Land be sold?

Not all digitized territories will be sold to the participants of the system, many land plots will be leased for a long term. We offer large-scale sales of Digital Land on online auctions only at the initial stage of the platform development.

How will the value of digital land rise, by your estimates (and compared to ordinary land), for buyers?

Digital land is a global layer of augmented reality, which is tied to specific locations on the surface of the earth. Ordinary people live there, tourists visit recreational centres and shops. They are all potential users of AR projects on digital land on the Arcona platform.

A piece of digital land will therefore have higher value in populous cities with high tourist traffic, which is pretty much comparable with the commercial value of physical land. These popular areas in particular will be digitized first, by the end of next year. These comprise districts of the 10 largest megacities with total area of 1,500 km2. These will be: the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, the City of London, the Historic Centre of Mexico, Soho in New York, the 1st arrondissement of Paris, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the area around the Hermitage in St Petersburg, the ancient centre of Rome, Sultanahmet in Istanbul and the Asakusa district of Tokyo.

Only ICO participants will be able to buy this land on closed land auctions. After the launch of the platform, new digital land will be auctioned in a limited amount and the value will be determined by demand and activity of project creators.

The basic feature of digital land as a commodity is the possibility of buying not the land itself, but the income brought by the land. Interesting AR projects in popular places means thousands of users. You can set up a paid attraction and make money from each user, and you can organise an incredible virtual show which catches the attention of a large number of people and make a profit from advertisers. Therefore, the more the users on your land, the higher the revenue and the value of the land.

As an owner of such popular land, you can sell it at a good profit or lease it other project creators. On its part, the platform will do everything it can to facilitate such business by marketing all projects within the ecosystem and on the external market.

I already have a Digital Land plot, can sell it at the marketplace or somewhere else?

In the autumn land plot owners will be able to sell their land plots on their terms. We will have a special section for this purpose.

How can I use my Digital Land?

The owner of such a Digital Land plot can use it as they wish: implement own projects or grant other developers – tenants – that right. They can change the world on the lawn in their front yard or run a serious project on other continent.

The basic feature of digital land as a commodity is the possibility of buying not the land itself, but the income brought by the land. Interesting AR projects in popular places means thousands of users. You can set up a paid attraction and make money from each user, and you can organise an incredible virtual show which catches the attention of a large number of people and make a profit from advertisers. Therefore, the more the users on your land, the higher the revenue and the value of the land.

How can I run AR projects on my Digital Land plot? Can users without any programming skills do that?

The most important thing is an interesting idea and access to digital land on the Arcona platform. You can buy any land you want from the system or rent from an owner if that land is already occupied. Then you can create content and install it on your land. This is easy to do since the digital land is fully ready for remote placement and management of virtual objects.

If you are not able to render your content on your own, you can find suitable objects on the marketplace or order from 3D artists and developers that are members of our system. The ecosystem itself will assist in advertising and marketing your projects.

How many projects can run on a single piece of land?

One physical server can generate one region of digital land measuring 200 х 200 meters. Each piece of land supports a limited number of virtual objects and visitors connected simultaneously. This is called land capacity.

You can increase capacity by gathering a pool of several plots in order to support more objects and connect more users. Arcona allows to gather a pool of plots that do not have a common border and transfer the capacity of all plots in the pool to one plot. The transfer of capacity allows the system to generate a layer of augmented reality and bring into active circulation digital land outside high-traffic territory.

How do I set up paid demonstration of AR content for people that are not yet Arcona members and do not have your tokens?

Any user who wants to view project on the Arcona platform has to download the AR Viewer. This application will enable to buy arcona tokens online. Any person can then use these tokens to pay to view or participate in your project. Obviously, any potential customer will need access to the Internet to download the AR Viewer application and pay for the “admission ticket” with tokens.

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