Arcona became the main unicorn of Russia


The project Arcona Metaverse won the world series of startup competitions Unicorn Battle from Russia. Already in summer the team awaits a trip to Silicon Valley to present at Unicorn CUP incredible possibilities of the new global ecosystem of augmented reality.

This year hundreds of companies from all over the country applied for participation in the battle, but only a dozen of the brightest and most promising projects of their field of medicine, retail, advertising and AI reached the final. Arcona proved to be AR 's sole developer, and its success is proof that this technology has finally become truly popular and understandable to the market.
- This time the contest took place online, - says the co-founder of Arcona Daniil Girdea. - General quarantine made the adjustments, but the life of the startup community couldn't stop it. A full jury gathered at the computer screens. Experts included experienced investors and representatives of leading international venture funds, including Starta Ventures, PwC, iDealMachine. And, I think, it was the remote form of the competition that allowed them to see and appreciate all the advantages of our technology of remotely launching AR projects all over the planet.

The final of the competition will take place in Silicon Valley (USA, California) under the brand Unicorn CUP - Silicon Valley Finals of global pitch competition. The largest concentration of capital in the world is localized here, and start-ups are estimated to be at least 5 times higher than in Russia. The creators of Arcona will speak to two hundred investors and the largest players of the IT market. This will give a serious advantage to the development of the project in the American market.

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