Arcona is at the MITT Digital Conference in Moscow


The Arcona team is participating in the Moscow tourist exhibition - one of the five world's largest industry forums that annually gathers together over two thousand companies and representatives of the touristic industry from 54 countries.

Ilya Korguzalov, the co-founder of Arcona, is suggested as a speaker at the specialized conference of MITT Digital. He will speak about incredible prospects that now are offered by the technology of augmented reality for the entire travel industry.

"Arcona is one of the leaders and pioneers of the augmented reality technology in tourism. We have entered the international AR market more than 5 years ago. Behind the Arcona project, there is a professional team that launched five AR parks where the lost historical buildings used to have been before.

In fact, these parks are fully functioning open-air museums. Our guests could not only see how many lost buildings used to look like years ago but also have a truly immersive experience related to the events of that era. 

Launching such parks, we were convinced that the introduction of AR technology would create new tourist routes and facilities for the visitors all year round, and it has significantly increased the flow of tourists and profitability of those tourist projects.

Now there are already eight historical AR parks in six European countries launched by our team. These projects still have no analogs in the world in terms of the scale of the territories and the quality of the content.

In the near future, all of them will be presented on the Digital Lands of Arcona. So, our users will be able to create their own unique touristic projects or services anywhere in the world."

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