Arcona's expansion around the world


Arcona continues to expand the geography of the countries where the trademark of the company and its main asset – the Digital Land of Arcona – are registered.

This extremely important process began to gain momentum last year. As you know, the legal protection of a trademark is only possible in the territories of the countries where it is registered and thus very important for the project itself and its name. Also, we care a lot about our users who will launch their interactive businesses within the Arcona system.

Arcona in China

The Arcona team is actively working in this direction. It is obvious that the first point on the world map in relation with this process was Russia, where the headquarters of the project are located. December, held for the team of Arcona “under the Chinese flag”, brought agreements and support from that part of the Earth too! At the end of the year, we received great news from office of the commercial and industrial administration of China. The Digital Land of Arcona, the trademark of our company, has officially been registered there.

Arcona in EU

In the list of countries that have already granted our project the status of legally recognized and protected in its territories – the EU countries. By the way, quite expectedly it wasn’t easy to achieve that. The EU is known for its caution in positive decisions of this kind. The Arcona team has got prepared compelling documentation, including data on the significant number of users of the system in the EU and media coverage. 

A few days ago Arcona got to be registered on the territory of Japan!

Patent documents are being prepared for many more other countries. Stay tuned and follow our news!

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