Arcona AR ecosystem debut launch takes place!


Last Saturday, the launch of the Arcona world took place. More than 30 thousand hexagonal lands around the world were activated, and the Arcona logo in cubes was sown within each parcel.

The first testers gained access to the global augmented reality layer and were able to view geo-referenced AR content using the ARViewer mobile application based on our own Computer Vision algorithms - ArconaCore.

During the tests, ArconaCore algorithms were able to recognize the user's location and associate AR content with the real world in difficult weather conditions - in the rain and at night with minimal illumination.

Among the devices that participated in the tests, various models of Apple smartphones and tablets were used. Even early models that did not have access to Apple Arkit technology to demonstrate augmented reality scenes worked in Arcona world.

After debugging, Arcona Metaverse will send personal invitations and access to the augmented reality layer to users who previously submitted their data and agreed to become testers of the new world.

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