Digital Victory Parade will be held in every city in Russia


Digital Victory Parade will take place on May 9 in each of 1100 cities of Russia. Tanks with red stars will also stay in the European capitals liberated by the Soviet army. Combat vehicles will appear in central squares and near World War II memorials using augmented reality (AR) technology. And you can see them by installing the mobile application Arcona Augmented reality World.
Virtual tanks will take up positions in early May and will remain in selected locations forever. Expositions in augmented reality cannot be demolished, banned or damaged by painting stars on tank towers. Even a global pandemic will not prevent such a parade. However, for those who should stay at home due to quarantine, developers will prepare separate models that can be installed even in their backyard.
The ability for the users to create personal Augmented Reality projects anywhere in the world is opened up by Arcona platform. It connected real and virtual worlds into a single information space - Digital Land. In this global layer of augmented reality that virtual combat machines are located today.
Developers of Arcona - IT company Piligrim XXI together with the general partner in the Russian Federation - association "Augmented Reality" acted as ideologists and organizers of the charity campaign "Digital Victory Parade”. The project has been supported from the first days by public organizations and administrations of Russian cities. Among them are Nahodka, Abakan, Smolensk, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Kazan and others.
- I want to bring our tanks to Berlin again, - the co-founder of Piligrim XXI Illia Korguzalov shared his ideas. - It is a tribute to my grandfather who after the attack of Germany bought a tank on family savings and went to the front with two sons in the same crew. He became a hero of the Soviet Union, but, alas, died without reaching the capital of the Nazi Reich
On Victory Day, a full-scale exposition of World War II equipment will be opened in Russia and Europe, including several reconstructions of tank battles on historical sites. In the future everyone will be able to expand it by adding their exhibits, characters, reconstruction of battles and even local digital museums in places of combat glory.
Our goal - to show unlimited possibilities of modern visual technologies and to teach people to use them - explains Ilia Korguzalov. - Creating personal projects in the world of augmented reality Arcona will be as simple and fascinating as adding articles to Wikipedia or making a personal page on Facebook.

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