Drones Take off above Digital Land!


The Arcona team signed agreements on creation of the pilot project with the GEOSKAN and AEROSTRIM companies, leaders of the Russian market of software development for photogrammetry and three-dimensional visualization.

Together with new partners we will offer the service for management the visualization of 3D models of plots of the Digital Land. All Arcona landowners will be able to use it through a VR system configurator (WEB the client).

 Own solutions allow to receive the relevant model of the area of the earth, at the level of the user’s review through ARViewer mobile application. It is quite enough for remote positioning of 3D objects and to cover all the needs of the system.

However owners of digital territories can be interested in full three-dimensional visualization of the location, including by means of aerial photography. It is important for improvement of quality of visual perception and increase in the cost of the Digital Land in the market.

Within the pilot project with the companies Geoskan and Aerostrim is supposed to combine the data obtained from users of Arcona ARViewer with geospatial characteristics from geoinformation services.

The integration of land shooting, received in the Arcona system, with data of aerial photography will give the chance to suppliers of GIS to monitor changes in locations in real time and to create relevant 3D maps of the area.

The pilot project will be implemented in the center of St. Petersburg, on spit of Vasilyevsky Island. All the landowners in this location will have the chance to test the service . After testing the service as an independent product will be presented on Arcona Marketplace. Everyone will be able to get it from the Geoskan company and to use on the sites of the Digital Land.




Geoscan Group

Geoskan Group the leader of the Russian market of development of the software for photogrammetry and three-dimensional visualization, and also production of unmanned aerial vehicles. Geoskan first-ever solved the problem of automatic creation of a 3D model of an object using the photos taken from different angles. The software is widely used in cinematography, creation of computer games, archeology, cartography, construction and many other spheres of business.


Aerostrim company

The Aerostrim company works at a joint of technologies of three-dimensional modeling, photoscanning, a photo and video filming with use of unmanned aerial vehicles of their own production. Aerostrim creates three-dimensional metric models of buildings and constructions, territories, pits, facades, architecture monuments, develops technologies of shooting and web services.

ARCONA AR ecosystem

Arcona the creator of technology of remote management of the geoattached 3D content everywhere on the planet that considerably reduces the cost of AR projects and accelerates their creation. The new technology opens a way for the explosive growth of the global market of AR.

 Arcona unites the real and virtual worlds, creating on the surface of the planet a layer of augmented reality – the Digital Land. The digital world of an ecosystem consists of the plots which are accurately tied to geographical coordinates. The right for possession of each plot is written down in the register a blockchain.

 The owner manages digital assets on the portal of the project in the SaaS format, getting through the WEB client the access to 3D model of the location in VR space. It allows to place any 3D content remotely in any part of the planet and to create the AR projects of any complexity without any technological skills.

  An end user of service is the user of the cross-platform ARViewer mobile application. ARViewer gives an opportunity of interactive interaction with the AR content which is placed in a real landscape.

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