Happy Christmas tale on the Arcona Marketplace


Happy Christmas tale on the Arcona Marketplace 

Seven cities, thousands of lots, hundreds of gifts!  Participate in the Christmas auction and win:

- a cash back equal to a total amount of your purchase;

- an extra plot;

- ARCONA tokens;

-  a level up of your personal ranking within the system;

- one of the Christmas stars: we will combine 7 Digital land plots and gift this set to the luckiest ones!

Every tenth customer of the Arcona Digital Land takes part in our raffle!


Auction calendar:

December 17—19 — Saint Petersburg

December 19—21 — Barcelona

December 21—23 — Tokyo

December 23—25 — Rome

December 25—27 — London

December 27—29 — Paris

December 29 — January 1— New York

Next year, the Arcona Digital Land will go up in price! These auctions — with a minimum starting price of 100 ARCONA — will only take place until December 31, 2018 and then will be left in the past.

Don’t you hesitate! Choose the city, buy the Digital Land plot and get your Christmas gifts!

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